Virtual Keynotes

Virtual Presenter

Noelle is a certified virtual presenter and has passed a rigorous assessment evaluating her equipment, environment, and skills presenting remotely using tools like Zoom, WebEx or GotoMeeting. When you choose to work with Noelle, you can be assured that your virtual event will run smoothly!


In these times when things are changing so rapidly, it’s important that you take advantage of opportunities to motivate and inspire clients or teammates who might need some guidance during this time. Virtual keynotes allow individuals from all over the globe to come together in live video format.

Noelle’s virtual keynotes cover the same quality content as her in-person events but can be watched conveniently from a device located anywhere in the world. Lack of physical presence is not an obstacle with Noelle. Her energetic personality and storytelling abilities will make you and your attendees feel as though you’re present in the same room!

Navigating Challenges In A Virtual World

The pandemic has completely altered our lives – many of us have had to adapt to working virtually from our homes and have felt discouraged by significant changes to our personal and professional lives. A virtual keynote is a great way to bring your team together – wherever they may be. Noelle’s speeches teach us that we can’t always control our circumstances, but we can control our attitude. Schedule a virtual keynote today and enjoy all the benefits of Noelle’s message remotely.

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