MINDSET Minute for Secondary Schools

MINDSET Minute is an innovative program that helps students develop the skills they need for success in life and learn how their actions impact themselves as well as others around them. Each week, students are presented with a new lesson designed to strengthen their thoughts, awareness, confidence, and knowledge. These lessons empower students with the skills they need to build healthy relationships, reduce stress levels, and improve their focus. MINDSET Minute was created to help students become more resilient and navigate life’s challenges successfully!

Build Resilient Students in 10 Minutes

MINDSET Minute consists of simple, engaging and relatable weekly short videos that emphasize growth mindset principles. Each video is designed to stimulate classroom conversations using the corresponding workbook questions. These questions provide critical thinking opportunities for every student.

What’s Included in the Program:

  • Weekly MINDSET Minute videos highlight diverse individuals and growth mindset principles
  • Student weekly guide pdf workbooks corresponding with each video.
  • Additional resource kits and activities.
  • Continuing education through monthly emails.

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