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Noelle Pikus Pace

Noelle Pikus Pace is a 2X Olympian, World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist, Moment of the Games Winner, speaker, author and mom of 4. Noelle’s strong message and captivating storytelling abilities make her one of the most sought-after motivational speakers today. 

Noelle has captivated audiences at hundreds of corporate events and conferences with her charisma, high energy, and deeply moving stories. Whether you’re looking to inspire a small team or an audience of thousands, Noelle is the perfect choice for your next event.

Why Choose Noelle?

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In 2005, Noelle Pikus Pace was the #1 skeleton racer in the world, expected to not only compete in the 2006 Olympics – but bring home the gold. Just three months before the Olympics Games, Noelle suffered a tragic accident when a bobsled spun out of control on the icy track and shattered her leg, leaving her unable to compete.

Her injury is only one of the challenges that Noelle endured on her path to success, but it hasn’t stopped her from winning an Olympic Silver Medal and becoming a World Champion and world class motivational speaker. Today, Noelle shares her story with audiences around the globe – inspiring others to reach their greatest success by turning their hardships into victories.